Bookshelf helps K-12 students experience their favorite books in a fun, interactive way!

For Children...

For any kid grades K-12, we offer a variety of books on our application for your reading pleasure! Whether you are a casual or avid reader, we provide you with bookshelves worth of stories for you to carry with you anywhere.

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For Parents...

We know you want to give your child the best education that they deserve. Accelerate their reading with the Bookshelf app by providing them with a mobile library and learning activities.

Inspire your children to reach their potential!

For Teachers...

No longer have to grade your students' papers by hand. With the Bookshelf app, we have created a variety of reading comprehension and vocabulary quizzes to test and automatically grade your students. You have the option of creating your own questions and assessments as well.

Give your students a head start!

Start Reading Today!